Celebration of Wildlife Week (1st-7th October 2018)

The Department of Environmental Science and Eco-friendly Association is celebrating Wildlife Week from 1st to 7th October 2018. The following activities will be held as per the schedule given below:






Quiz Competition*

1st Oct 2018

11.15-12.00 pm

A.V. Hall

 Science Students 

(UG & PG)

Guest Lecture on “Wild animals of India with special reference to lesser known animals” by Prof. Reena Mathur


Slogan Writing Competition

3rd Oct 2018

10.30-12.00 pm

A.V. Hall

Science Students 

(UG & PG)

Film Screening & Slogan Writing Competition

4th Oct 2018

12.00-3.00 pm

A.V. Hall

Science Students 

(UG & PG)

Poster Making Competition

5th Oct 2018

10.30 am onwards

Visual Arts Lab

Science Students 

(UG & PG)

Visit to Nahargarh Biological Park

6th Oct 2018

8:00-1:30 pm



Environmental Science Students 

(UG & PG)

Interested students may contact Mr. Ashish Tambi & Dr. Shelja K. Juneja in Environmental Science Lab (Room No. A-601).

*Note: For Quiz competition participants are required to download Kahoot app from play store on their mobile phone.