The department has well established research laboratories, like, Air Laboratory, Water Laboratory and Soil-testing Laboratory. Various research projects related to the environmental toxicology, ambient and indoor pollution is carried in these laboratories. The department has a variety of latest equipments to conduct different parameters related to soil, water and air quality monitoring.

The list of equipment present in the laboratories is as follows:

S.No. Name of the Equipments
1. Microprocessor based Soil and Water testing kit
2. BOD incubator
3. High volume sampler with gaseous attachment
4. Handy sampler with cyclone attachment
5. Sound level meter
6. Thermoreactor TR 320
7. Electronic Balance
8. Spectrophotometer double beam UV-VIS
9. Water bath Rectangular (double walled)
10. Gyratory Seive Shaker
11. Kjeldahl Distillation & Digestion Unit
12. Hot air Oven
13 Micropresessor based pH meter
14 Microprosessor based TDS and EC meter
15 Volatile organic Compound Sampler
16 Personal Sampler
17 Hot Plate
18 PM 1.0 Particulate Sampler
19 Digital Relative Humidity and tempertature meter
20 Thermo Electrically Cooled Gaseous Sampler Attachment 
21 Rotary Shaker
22 Fluoride Ion Meter
23 Analytical Balance (0.01 mg precision)