Guest Lecture on Building Business from Biowaste

Date: 16.12.2021

Venue: AV Hall

No. of Participants: 120

Objective of the Event: To uprise the students with the methods of sustainable use of biowaste.

The discipline of Environmental science in collaboration with faculty of commerce, Institution’s Innovation Council and IISU Incubation Centre of the IIS(Deemed to be University) organized a guest lecture on “Building Business with Biowaste” by Dr. Sita Ram Gupta on 16th December 2021.The major aim of the guest lecture was to discuss the methods of conversion of biowaste into valuable resources. During his lecture, Dr. Gupta discussed the various effects of environmental pollutants on human health and the possible methods to control pollution. He discussed the harmful effects of consumption of large quantities of wood during funeral in hindu religion. Considering this a major factor for depletion of forest and environmental degradation, Dr. Gupta has formulated an alternative for the use of wood using cow dung and crop residue. This alternative is a method of waste management and environmental protection. He also discussed the path he followed to be a successful entrepreneur which motivated students to think out of box and come up with new ideas to be a successful entrepreneur.

Outcome of the event:

Students learned about the innovative practice for waste management and environmental protection.