Celebration of World Environment Day 2024

Activity: Celebration of World Environment Day 2024

             Date: 05 June 5, 2024

Venue: Srijan Hall

Objective of the Event: The installation of clime clock was done with an objective to create awareness regarding climate change.

Description: On World Environment Day, the Department of Environmental Science and the Eco-friendly Association installed a Climate Clock in Srijan Hall at the University campus. This year's theme for World Environment Day , in response to the rapid degradation of biodiversity, is "Land Restoration: Stopping Desertification and Building Drought Resilience." This global climate change, driven by unsustainable development is the primary cause of concern. The pace of destruction is very rapid which is quite evident from the unusual weather phenomenon and habitat destruction is leading in rapid decline in biodiversity.

 The Climate Clock aims to raise awareness about the urgent need for action. The clock, which indicates the time left to prevent further environmental degradation, was assembled by postgraduate students of Environmental Science with technical support from the Swaraj Energy Foundation.

Outcome of the Activity: The Climate Clock installed at the University campus raises awareness among students about the rapid degradation of environmental components contributing to global climate change.